One Night The Moon

Task - analytical essay
Write an analytical essay in response to One Night The Moon in 400-600 words, choosing from ONE of the tasks below.
  • Analyse how Rachel Perkins explores the concept of belonging in her film One Night The Moon.
  • Analyse how Rachel Perkins uses her film One Night The Moon to criticise racism in Australia.
  • Images of landscapes dominate the film One Night The Moon. Why did Rachel Perkins make landscape integral to the narrative?

Resources - text and class work
Present tense, no personal pronouns (1st or 2nd) , no slang/abbreviations/profanity, write in a highly formal manner, no 'I think' or 'I believe' statements, no 'I am writing an essay' statements.
In an analytical essay your job is to write a thorough, clear, excellent analysis that is support with evidence from the text and provides readers with a deeper insight/understanding of the text.
Focus on your A + B + C. A - what the author has done. B - why the author has done it, C - in relation to the intended impact on the target audience.
It is vital to work out out what the essay task is asking of you, to plan the points you will cover, and to make notes about those points in detail before you start writing your essay.
Perkins portrays the farmer as downtrodden and depressed to convey to viewers that he has lost his sense of identity, his power, and his family. From here I would explain how her filming of the scene portrays the sense he is downtrodden, depressed, powerless, alone, and without identity. I would also explain how this why she has portrayed him in that way (how does it further the key themes of the film).

Resources - text and class work
Simple 'how to write an essay' instructions:
Star Trek 'how to write a paragraph':
Gattaca 'how to write a paragraph':
'How to write an essay' poetry example:
Past feedback to some students on effective and ineffective explanations of authors' use of techniques: