The Merchant Of Venice
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Shakespeare is known for his effective manipulation of language to achieve a range of effects and enhance his exploration of universal themes. Below are some questions that require you to explore his manipulation of language in The Merchant Of Venice. Each of your answers need: specific identification of a technique, a quote, an explanation of why the technique is used, an explanation of how what is happening in that word play is connected to wider themes in the play, and to be written as a full paragraph.

1. Find a specific instance in The Merchant Of Venice when Shakespeare has a character(s) employ double meaning as part of clever word play. What are the multiple meanings, and why has the word play been employed?

2. Identify a specific instance in The Merchant Of Venice when Shakespeare has used humour. Explain the joke, and explain the role the humour serves.

3. Locate a specific instance in The Merchant Of Venice when Shakespeare has a character use a word or phrase as a term of hatred. What gives this word or phrase its venom? Who is it intended to hurt and how/why?

4. Cite your favourite line(s) from The Merchant Of Venice. Identify a specific technique that has been employed in that line(s). What power does that have? How does it help drive an exploration of a key theme from the play?

Familiarise yourself withliterary Some terms you will likely be looking up for this task include: malapropism, pun, double entendre, innuendo, sarcasm.


2004 film version

1973 film version

2013 amateur theatrical production

Quality of mercy speech

If you prick us do we not bleed mercy speech

Read (in case you leave your text at school on a homework night)
Full script
Full script with translation

Just For Fun
The Merchant Of Venice in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country, and an alternate version of Portia's speech in the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Dark Mirror. I might be a Star Trek fan.

Inner voices in King Lear.
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